FOCH SULLY ISLET Roanne (France)

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Development of the Foch-Sully district which will offer a mixed program of stores, housing, hotels, senior residence and green spaces in the heart of the city.
Located between Les Halles Diderot, a fine-dining hot spot and the main pedestrian streets of the hyper center, Foch-Sully enjoys a privileged location in the very heart of Roanne.
The project will aim to preserve and reinforce the presence of green spaces, important for city well-being. The choice of cohabitation between housing, stores, services and public spaces will imbue the Foch-Sully Islet with a range of atmospheres.

Technical descriptive


Stores, hotel, housing, senior residence, public spaces


Ville de Roanne




26,200 m²