Rue des Chandiots Clermont Ferrand (France)

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The proposed project develops a dense urban form to free up a maximum of garden in the heart of the site. The built structures are contextualized to meet the height templates of neighboring buildings. The site plan provides a wide landscaped pedestrian pathway between the collective buildings.

The templates and built-up morphologies proposed were designed so as not to reproduce the style of the high-rise buildings to the North and East of the site: to avoid the monolithic “building wall”, the architecture focuses on sequencing the structures built to break the linearity.

Emergences in R +5 mark the concept of “inhabited canopy”. The roofs are utilized and inhabited; there are “eagle’s nest”-style duplex apartments, green roofs, double-height loggias, rooftop terrace-gardens …

Technical descriptive


Construction of collective and intermediate housing on the site of the former Clinique des Chandiots.

132 dwellings, including 106 with access to ownership and 26 social housing units.


BPD Marignan


8 500 m²