Who we are SUD

Theatres of lives ..

Founded in Lyon/France, 30 years ago and developed between Paris, Warsaw, Beirut, Shanghai and Hong Kong; the partnership of 20 architects with different sensitivities and an extensive international’s team, enable us to tackle ambitious projects, for varied solutions and manage all aspects of the contemporary city, from urban planning projects, housing, hospitality, offices, retail and commercial centers, transportation to mix-use...

SUD is a State of mind. Our Design approach is based on high standards, creativity, and challenge. In the era of virtual reality and the digital product, the image affects significantly the architectural design’s process; SUD’s expression reaches a new generation. We are not talking about products but about “Theatre of life”, pertaining the evolution of different scenarios with various usage level.
However, the diversity of architectural responses, with its solid background, provided by SUD’s Partners, are based on five key principles :
  • Understand the world's complexity through motion
  • Facing constraints with flexibility
  • Confirm our convictions with commitment
  • Guided by empathy, understand the other.
  • Growing internationally , export the FrenchTouch

We thank Cedric Roulliat, photographer together with the artists for taking part with talent to this shooting photo session.

Our story

Created in 1986 in Lyon by 7 partners, SUD's offices went international in the 1990s, expanding its activity throughout Central Europe and the Middle East. Offices were gradually established in Warsaw and Paris, and recently in 2017, in Beirut and Shanghai.
Over the years, in response to ever more complex projects requiring additional expertise, SUD welcomed new specialists in France and internationally. Today, 20 partners/specialists guarantee the variety and the complexity of various operations along different regions. Featuring among the group's leading projects in France are the global headquarters of ATARI/Infogrames, the corporate headquarters of the Groupe SEB, and the redevelopment of the historic Citroën garage in Lyon. Internationally, the “Residence des Pins” in Beirut (Lebanon) and Manufaktura in Łódź (Poland).

Our vision

The sustainable city is compact, intense and pleasant to live in.
Apparently diverging, some values comply in the contemporary city to preserve land resources and limit the urban spread. Therefore, SUD’s urban approach consists to operate with these parameters of density, proximity, and walkable distances to create the “city in the city”, and preserve a social and functional diversity.
The sustainable city is willing to alteration. The reversibility and the evolution of the urban concepts offer a continuous change and high potentials of development.
SUD- thinking long-term, is to envisage the different life cycles of buildings, and to predict their evolution. Leading today to the design of symbolic patrimonial redevelopments (the Citroën garage in Lyon, the Halles Novacieries in Saint-Charmond, the Raffles Europejski Hotel in Warsaw, Katowice station...), SUD architects also prepare the evolution of tomorrow projects. Several lives take place in the same constructed shell. A construction's quality is considered against its capacity to welcome transformations, offer variations and have benefit: offices that can be converted into housing, superstructure car parks into businesses, businesses into housing...
Future programs and projects require flexibility and adaptability. The solutions are varied and complex, often involving the intertwining of contradictory themes. Reference to the high expertise, SUD promote the combination of art of synthesis and knowledge exchange. The project’s diversity undertaken, varies between Urban planning, Mix-use, Housing, Retail and Leisure, Offices, Industry and Laboratories, Health care, Hospitality, Transport and Rehabilitation. Based on its experience, SUD designs places that create connections, interlocking routes, and stimulate “living together”.

Key figures

creation of the headoffice
years of experience in France and internationally
trades : Architecture Urban planning Interior design
fields of expertises : housing, trade and leisure activities, service industry, industry and laboratories, health, hotels, transport, refurbishment


Jean-Marc Pivot
Partner Architect
Yannick Pascal
France Managing director
Partner Architect
Jocelyn Fillard
Director of Architecture Polska
Partner Architect
Nicolas Rocques
Operational Director Polska
Gwennael Monce
Paris Office Director
Partner Architect
Karim Kilzi
Lyon Office Manager
Partner Architect
Fadi Kotob
Middel East General Manager
Partner Architect
Mario Karam
Middle East
Partner Architect
Astrid Chaduc
Head of retail and leisure
Partner architect - urban planner
Elody Hurter
Head of housing, retail and industry
Partner Architect
Christoph Kohler
Housing, retail and industry
Partner Architect
Patrick Bowdler
Housing, retail and industry
Partner Architect
Patrick Leroy
Housing, retail and industry
Partner Architect
Marek Sliwa
Housing, retail and industry
Partner Architect
Pierrick Lelard
Head of healthcare projects
Partner Architect
Laurent Guella
Operations and work Division
Partner Architect
Yves Melia
Urban planning managing director
Urban planning, retail and leisure
Fabrice Bolenor
Interior architect
Sandrine Moulière
Interior architect
Guy Barral
Director of Human Resources