Opening of the third phase of expansion of one of the largest shopping centers, Warsaw (Poland)

Atrium inaugurates the new extension/renovation phase of Promenada, one of Warsaw's major shopping centers. This is already the 3rd phase of expansion carried out by SUD Architects and opened within Promenada in the last two years. This phase corresponds to the creation of the Fountain Alley which combines a unique set of real and virtual fountains that several times a day will play in coordination with each other. The merchandising of this alley has shifted towards fashion with the establishment of a new Zara, one of the largest in Warsaw. For this project SUD is the representative architect and is also responsible for the interior design with its lighting designer SEE2. This phase will have allowed for the installation of a 6m double showcase as well as the creation of the new gastronomic zone "Republika Smaku". It is necessary to remove an intermediate slab of the building in order to be able to enlarge the volumes at +1 level and build on the existing parking to increase the center’s GLA.