AVENUE GENERAL DE GAULLE Antony (France) - 2018

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

On the scale of the territory, the project takes place in the “great landscape” of the Parc de Sceaux, at the crossroads of the Grand Canal and the Pavillon de Hanovre.
On the scale of the neighbourhood, we intend to keep in mind the notion of neighbourhood, and to work on urban seams: recomposing a neighbourhood from the distended fabrics of the host site: extending an existing street in the same alignment, enhancing a structuring plant ensemble, protecting ourselves from the nuisances of the A86, creating sufficient planted gaps with the suburban fabric, favouring continuity of soft modes of transport (bicycles and pedestrians), preserving the existing remarkable plant subjects and ensuring that biodiversity is maintained.

The student residence is located to the north, along the A86, facing the Parc de Sceaux. It is an emergent object, protecting the rest of the district from acoustic nuisance by its continuous façade. Divided into three buildings by transparent gaps, the residence has the domestic scale of the other buildings in the neighbourhood.
Each building has its own architectural character, in an ensemble combining unity and diversity. Unity of materials and registers, and diversity of writing, illustrating the diversity of situations.
An original but unostentatious architecture, punctuated by lacquered aluminium panels, serves the urban purpose.

Technical descriptive


New mixed-use project : 179 student housing units (and 280 housing units for sale)




Completed in 2018


4 210m²

Environmental performance

Effinergie label, RT 2012 -20%.
– Roof-top heat recovery units for hot water supply (DHW)
– Structuring plant ensemble, with maintenance of existing large trees and development of bio-diversity