INTERCOMMUNAL AQUATIC CENTRE Charlieu-Belmont (France) - 2025

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The Charlieu-Belmont intercommunal swimming pool project meets the following major challenges
– to provide a facility for learning to swim,
– to offer a leisure and well-being facility to the local population,
– to participate in the tourist, heritage and cultural appeal of the region,
– promote local economic development during construction.

The project is based on a soft, calm and controlled architecture, both in terms of programming and functional and technical issues.
It fits into the existing building with courtesy. An architecture made of simple and functional geometries serves the program. The volume containing the pools, which is very open to the landscape, with its rhythmic wooden structure, gives the project the sober but powerful image of a public facility for the whole community.
The first hall houses the sports pool for swimming and the second, lit by a glass roof that can be opened up, is dedicated to well-being and the leisure pool. There is a sauna-hammam area, hydro-massage jets, and a pentagliss, with a strong and direct link to the outside. The sunny, planted beaches, including the splashpad, contribute to the order of leisure activities thanks to a multiplicity of uses.
The project embodies the ambitions of the programme of the town of Charlieu and the intercommunal area through a functional and elegant building. We imagined it to be timeless, out of fashion, favouring the local sector. A place for everyone and for a long time to come.

Technical descriptive


Indoor swimming pool, sports pool, learning pool, indoor pentagliss, sauna & hammam, changing rooms, outdoor relaxation areas with water games.




Competition winner 2020. Building permit obtained in December 2022. Completion due 2025


2 316 m² interior and 2 550 m² exterior


9 M€ before Tax

Environmental performance

Passiv Haus spirit : maximised insulation (triple glazing and bio-sourced insulation material), energy efficiency, 100% renewable energy option (heat pump on geothermal probe), solar gain regulated by sunshades, water treatment by glass pellet filtration.
100% local wood frame, local wood material on the façade.
Integration into the landscape, green roof, rainwater recovery.


Commissioned : SUD architectes
Atelier Rivat : associate architect