Citroën Lyon (France)

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Registered as a Monument Historique in 1992, the Citroën garage was completed in 1932.
135 meters long and 52 wide, and covering more than four hectares of floor area, it was considered the biggest service station in the world. Converted into offices, higher education spaces, an atelier and showroom, the restoration of the building preserves its original identity marked by the architecture and creative talents of Maurice-Jacques Ravazé, Jean Prouvé and André Citroën.
31,500 m² distributed over 6 levels relinquish the ground floor to the Citroën dealership; the hall of honor is refurnished to its original glory over 3 levels; the upper stories are converted into offices with the creation of patios to bring in light. Characteristic of the building, the famous access ramps remain. They serve as access to the parking lots present on each story.

Mission architecturale

SUD Architectes / ALEP Architectes

Technical descriptive


Redevelopment of the historic Citroën garage in a mixed project, offices, teaching spaces and showroom.




Livraison 2015


31,500 m²

Environmental performance

Breeam excellent
Winner of Grand Prix SIMI 2015, renovated building category