CLINIC CHARCOT Lyon (France) - 2023

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Opened in 1967, the Charcot medical and surgical clinic was renovated by Sud Architects in 2012 thanks to the “Hospital 2012” plan initiated by the Ministry of Health.
Since 2020, Sud Architects has been carrying out a project to restructure, extend and raise the height of the clinic, which is currently under construction and scheduled for completion
for 2023.

2012 : the rehabilitation and extension project carried out on an occupied site includes a complete nephrology centre, an outpatient department, two surgical units, a medicine department, an outpatient chemotherapy unit, a continuous care department, an operating theatre with 14 rooms and 14 recovery stations, a central sterilisation unit and a medical imaging centre.
The capacity of the operating theatre has been increased to 12 operating rooms. The capacity of services such as sterilisation, medical imaging and logistics has been restructured.
A dialysis centre, a medical analysis laboratory, radiotherapy and outpatient chemotherapy services were added to the equipment.
The development of the former Marist house to accommodate the administration has preserved the image of the site for the local residents and characterises the clinic.
The construction of three levels of underground car parks under a planted garden in memory of the existing park completes the reception.

2023 : the restructuring project consists of the creation of new emergency rooms, the extension of the radiology department, the creation of a hybrid room, the redevelopment and extension of the outpatient department and the elevation and creation of a chemotherapy department.

Technical descriptive


2012 : Rehabilitation and extension of the clinic to 172 beds, 12 operating theatres. Creation of a radiotherapy centre, a dialysis centre and an artificial kidney centre and development of the former Marist house dedicated to the administrative centre.

2023 : Restructuring, extension and elevation on an occupied site
RDJ: Creation of new emergency rooms, extension of the radiology department with the creation of a scanner and changing rooms for the staff.
Ground floor: Creation of a hybrid room
R+1: Refurbishment and extension of the outpatient department
Ground floor +4: Raising and creation of a chemotherapy department




2012 : Completed in 2012
2023 : Completed in 2023


2012 : 17 050 m²
2023: 1,900 m² (1,200m² new + 700m² refurbishment)


2012 : 28 M€ before Tax
2023 : 5,5 M€ before Tax