CLINIQUE PART-DIEU Lyon (France) - 2021

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The architectural approach of the extension to the Presbytery is to write a new, contemporary language, without mimicking the two buildings, of different periods, which border the site. The architecture of the project marks the will to create an independent entity identified by its own language but linked to the existing Presbytery by the similarity of templates, height, length on the street, depth and the colours of the chosen materials.

The niche allows the new entrance to the building to be identified and provides a breathing space between the two volumes, allowing them to exist alone while forming a whole whose harmony is essential to the relevance of the project.

The design of the façade is characterised by a very marked verticality and the play of transparency and materials. The structure of the curtain wall is deployed by weaving in protruding aluminium spines whose hollow profile contributes to a desire for finesse and slenderness in the façade. Warm colours are favoured with the choice of a bonze/golden metal that blends easily with the light beige, slightly yellow colour of the existing Presbytery stone.

Technical descriptive


Extension and rehabilitation of the Part-Dieu presbytery between two period buildings: creation of a reception area between the two existing buildings, consultations in the former presbytery, operating theatres and outpatient department in the existing clinic.




Studies 2021


2 300 m²


Partie Commune Interior designers