D-SIDE Décines (France) - 2023

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Located on a former industrial site to the west of Décines, the D-SIDE development project is located at the entrance to the city on a surface area of 11 hectares.

This real estate complex is developing a mix of programs related to the medico-social sector. It takes advantage of the arrival of a new tramway station to organise a multi-purpose health centre in the spirit of a campus that will be dominated by plants and an ambition to encourage social links.

Labelled a “100% inclusive territory”, D-Side is experimenting with an inclusive approach that generates cohesion and intergenerational integration.

In addition, the project has been certified HQE Aménagement for its environmental commitment.
With a low-lying topography marked by the history of the site, the project has favoured a design that limits the displacement of earth, and uses the low level to organise two reference levels.

One is lower to adapt to the existing level, to conceal the parking lots and the boundaries of the plots in the vegetation.

The other at street level, giving pride of place to soft modes of transport and benefiting from visual depth with abundant vegetation.

This vegetation pattern highlights a remarkable wooded area and organises the distribution of buildings whose density varies to better adapt to the context.

Technical descriptive


Development of a mixed real estate complex: business park, medical and social services, laboratory, intergenerational housing, business services.




Studies in 2015 and 2016. Work in progress. Completion due 2023


88,000 m² on a site of 11 ha

Environmental performance

HQE Development Label