DELANDINE Lyon (France) - 2023

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Located within the perimeter of the SPL Confluence in Lyon, the project pays particular attention to the issue of student use and comfort. The housing units will be accessed via external landings/courtyards, in the spirit of the building courtyards of Lyon’s Presqu’Île.

These naturally lit circulation spaces form an in-between space between the public space and the private space of the studios, a “conviviality threshold” on the scale of each floor. These semi-outdoor spaces, which are unheated but protected by a system of deployable glazed climatic facades, will evolve with the seasons, allowing them to be truly appropriated according to the climate. Treated as an extension of the private areas, these landings will also be fitted with deployable and modular furniture to encourage their appropriation.

The “domestic” architectural vocabulary and the sober and orderly composition of the facade are in dialogue with the adjoining building, whose rehabilitated ground floor will house a commercial space.

Technical descriptive


Construction of a 33-unit wooden student residence and renovation of a commercial building in Lyon Confluence.




Completion due 2023


800 m²

Environmental performance

Assembly of prefabricated wooden modules (bio-sourced construction)
Optimised thermal envelope.
Naturally ventilated dwellings thanks to the climatic levels
Connection to the urban heating network.