EMERGENCE Lyon Part-Dieu (France) - 2022

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Emergence rises at a height of 57 m and is at the crossroads of two streets animated by multiple public transport services of the Part Dieu neighborhood. Located on the eastern part of the Lafayette-Villette-Bonnel block, the programme includes housing, a home for young professionals, shops and a Diocesan centre.

Better than a ground floor, two generous levels form a solid base that distributes the addresses of the various programmes. An essential part of the urban fabric, with a large amount of glass, its homogeneous design enhances the value of shop windows, shops and activities; moreover, it ensures pedestrian continuity.

Two residential buildings mark the alignment and set the corners of the plot. A base plus 9 floors to the south-east for a home for young workers above a diocesan centre, and a base plus 17 floors to the north-east for shops and housing for sale.

The highest volume is split by a unitary geometrical grid that gathers balconies, loggias and commercial windows. The rhythm of the grid creates a motif that plays with the distant perception. Variations in the layout of the grids highlight the registers of the base and the crown.

On two levels, above the shops, volumes capable of “Soho” type accommodation will house workshops, duplex housing, private practice, etc., ensuring the transition between the activities of the base and the housing of the towers.

Technical descriptive


16-storey tower : 91 ownership and social housing units, 47 hostels for young workers, diocesan centre, chapel and retails




Completed in  2022


7 950 m² residential
1 300 m² retails

Environmental performance

Certifié H&E (Habitat et Environnement)
RT 2012 -10%


Commissioned : SUD architectes
ITAR architecture : associate architect