ENTREE DE VILLE Bussy-Saint-Georges (France) - 2020

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The architectural project, which takes place on the “N1cd” plot, announces the characteristics of the buildings in the city centre: as the lot sheet states, “monumental, rhythmic facades that maintain the alignment on the street”.
This architectural vocabulary, based on order, rhythm, and the expression of the modenature, establishes the project in an image of a “wealthy” residence, perennial, of high standing, anchored in its time, refusing any pastiche of a bygone era: a classical modernity.

The attention paid to materiality, so that the elegance and durability of the buildings serve their purpose, is a strong intention. A clear minerality, composed of prefabricated white concrete elements, offers a qualitative image to the users of Boulevard de Lagny and Avenue Marie Curie.
These pure, elegant and timeless lines emanate a quiet strength, served by a noble materiality. Bussy-Saint-Georges begins here.

Technical descriptive


124 dwellings, of which 70 are social and 54 are for sale, with large, deep loggias in a classic modern style




Awarded competition – Building permit end of 2020


7 400 m²

Environmental performance

RT 2012 -10%.
Thin building with through or south-facing flats,
favouring free-cooling and natural ventilation
Large private garden with outdoor plants