EPY CENTRE Epinay-sur-Seine (France) - 2019

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The Epy Centre project is the winner of the IMGP2 call for projects on the Integral site in Epinay-Sur-Seine (93), with a mixed-use programme: a health and well-being centre, a social and solidarity economy centre, and a tertiary activity and services centre. SUD architects is responsible for the urban and architectural coordination and project management of the service sector and services cluster (6500m² SDP).
The sustainable city is dense, intense and pleasant to live in. Apparently contradictory, these values are in harmony in the contemporary city.

The urban approach developed on the Site Intégral in Epinay-Sur-Seine combines density, proximity and mobility to create a “city within a city”, while ensuring social and programmatic diversity.
The tertiary centre and the medical and social centre, which are located at the junction of Rue de Paris and Rue Allende, complete the Quétigny block, which until now has been essentially residential, thus completing this urban piece residential, thus completing this complex urban piece.

Technical descriptive


Office building




Competition winner 2019


6 500 m²


10,5 M€ before Tax