PART-DIEU TRAIN STATION Lyon (France) - 2024

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The project is part of the redevelopment of the Part Dieu Multimodal Interchange Hub in Lyon.
In front of the station, on the Place Béraudier, it comprises a low-level square surrounded by several programmes:
a taxi rank, a cycle rank with around 1,500 spaces spread over two levels, as well as an offre of services and shops, the creation of a 1,032-space car park and access to the metro.

The Place Basse is accessed from the forecourt via a large circular opening protected by a 1,000 m² metal canopy. This work of art forms an urban signal linking the two levels of the square.

Another opening in the centre of Place Béraudier provides access to the 1,500-space bike station via a long suspended spiral ramp, showcasing the flux of cyclists.

In the centre of the ramp, a wooded area weighing more than 550 tonnes (150 cubic metres) was added to the project in order to offer passengers a snippet of nature, and create a microclimate in the lower square.
This change during the construction phase means that the various operations have to be carefully coordinated in order to provide sufficient topsoil for the trees to grow properly: 17 new trees in the lower square, in addition to the 80 trees in the upper square.
The lower square will become a busy, lively and reassuring place to pass through.
The new landscaping project will contribute to the comfort of this area, with a strong emphasis on encouraging the use of public transport.

Technical descriptive


Restructuring the Place Béraudier, creating a low public square giving access to a 1,500-space cycle station, shops, restaurants, a 1,032-space car park and access to the metro.




Studies 2015-2020
Planning permission 2017
Under construction
Completion due 2024


50 000 m²