THE SEMAPHORE Angers (France) - 2018

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The boulevard Gambetta project connects the site to its near and distant environment by becoming part of the Angers skyline.
This contemporary emergence, in dialogue with the historic city, creates an exceptional place with a strong appeal that could become a “must-see” place in Angers. A specific programme combines exceptional location, design, catering, panoramic street and 2.0 tourism.
In addition, the project continues the logic of pedestrian crossings of the surrounding blocks and establishes serene neighbourhood compositions with the creation of shared spaces for all residents.

Technical descriptive


Signal co-living building for young employees: 49 flats on 10 floors, co-working space, indoor and outdoor gyms, related shop, canteen and rooftop restaurant, lounge and edible garden




Call for Innovative Projects “Imagine Angers” – 2018 competition


8 000m²

Environmental performance

RT 2012 -30%, E+C- label: Level E2 and C1
Bio-climatic strategy,
– Biodivercity label: nesting boxes for endemic species, biophilia and education of young people.
– Roofs with rainwater recovery in double-bottom tanks reinjected into the vegetated areas, shared market gardening areas connected for self-programmed watering