INTERFACE Lyon (France) - 2023

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The concept of the “Garden Island” is structuring for the Interface project. The gaps between the built masses create transparencies and openings towards a planted heart of the block, a place for living and meeting. The height gauges have been designed to favour the sunlight of the heart of the block and the dwellings. The issue of summer comfort guided our design of the housing: double exposure- or bi-orientated flats, a 2,000 m² park in the heart of the block and planted roofs to combat the urban heat island effect, adjustable sunbreakers to allow good natural ventilation.

Around the central garden, each building complex is singled out by its architectural style and its volume, and it is the mineral texture of the facades that ensures the coherence of the project: the concrete skin of the buildings is worked like a noble and precious material, made up of a range of textures (smooth, grained or in relief) and shades (from white to natural grey).

At the corner, a signal building of 12 floors allows us to apprehend the theme of high housing. We imagined an urban grid that deepens and expands on the floors to create interlocking duplexes, double-height loggias and panoramic views over Lyon. The flats then adopt exclusive, non-standard and particularly qualitative configurations (cathedral living room, several terraces to take advantage of the sunshine at different times of the day, etc.)

Technical descriptive


Group of buildings from 3 to 12 floors : 160 accomodations, business and craft premises, shared terrace




Competition winner 2019. Under construction. Completion due 2023


11 800m²

Environmental performance

Collaboration with the Mazaud Group for the implementation of a low-carbon concrete throughout the project.

Bio-climatic energy: 85% of the flats are bi-orientated with natural ventilation, green roofs, sunshades on openings
Green lung of 2,200 m² in the heart of the block with 60 tall trees planted in the ground