LA CARTOUCHERIE SILO CAR PARK Toulouse (France) - 2018

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The strategic location of this structure has guided us towards a design that emphasises an architectural identity in line with the architecture of the most recent buildings in the Cartoucherie Development Zone.

The proposed project takes on the appearance of a noble building rather than a purely technical facility because it is set in a high-density urban context.
This is reflected in the horizontal stratification marking the levels of the car park, reinforced by the overhangs of the slabs. The envelope of the car park is broken down into sequences justified by orientations and functions: a “partition” of mineral verticalities gives the facade an urban character, which beyond the architectural effect helps to protect from the sun’s rays; planted facades help to block the views of the neighbouring collective housing in order to preserve the privacy of future residents.

In addition to the visual aspect, the vegetation of the façade will limit the urban heat island phenomenon and therefore limit the increase in temperature linked to the construction of the car park.
This public car park will have 8 levels above the ground floor and will offer 588 parking spaces.

Technical descriptive


Design and construction of a public car park with 588 spaces in a superstructure on 8 levels




Competition 2018


9 M€ before tax