General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The project is located on two distinct sites within the campus, thus allowing for a reflection on the scale of the district.
Amplifying the relationship between the existing and the project, preserving a maximum of permeability and plant continuity, and ensuring the legibility of the programme are the challenges of our proposal.

The Laennec site organises the metro square and asserts its urban role by positioning itself in line with the public space. The urban and architectural will is enhanced by a garden
which unifies the whole.

The Paradin site proposes an urban relationship with the existing residence.

The materials chosen contribute to the quality, durability and ease of maintenance of the residence. The structural framework, made of thermedia concrete, highlights large windowed units that provide views, light, ventilation and
which provide views, light, ventilation and solar and thermal protection, thus offering real comfort to the inhabitants.
The organisation of the project and the close relationships established with the existing structure guide the specificities of the proposed landscape with three distinct spaces that will form three states of nature in the city and three relationships between the activities of the users, the inhabitants and the external spaces: a garden for the heart of the block, a garden for the experience of biodiversity in the city and a garden for a reception area.

Photographs: Thierry Perre

Technical descriptive


University residence divided into 3 buildings unified by a garden in connection with an existing residence.
287 student flats, cafeteria, gymnasium and teaching facilities




Competition winner 2019 – Completed in 2022


8 000 m²

Environmental performance

In-depth work on light, natural ventilation and solar and thermal protection
3 landscape spaces according to use: garden as a reception area, garden in the heart of the block, garden for biodiversity in the city


Atelier de Ville en Ville / BLB Constructions / Sud Architectes