LE CENTRAL – LOT C1-7B Plateau de Saclay, Palaiseau (France) - 2021

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The confinement has changed the relationship with our home. Everyone was able to experiment with new uses and temporalities. This period allowed us to highlight the disadvantages and positive points of each dwelling. Beyond making “the perfect dwelling for confinement” we looked for the elements that, according to SUD, make up a good dwelling, pleasant to live in, in the long term. The main element is the relationship with the outside, between the privacy of the dwelling and the urban intensity.
For these “roof tops”, the large day space is totally through and is extended by two generous loggias.
An external staircase gives access to the 140m² roof terrace, transforming this flat dwelling into a duplex with an interior and exterior level, a relationship with the sky and the great landscape.

The dwellings are low-carbon biosourced: the principles envisaged are the structural mix of wood (MOB) and low-carbon concrete (primary framework). The separating partitions made of wood studs, wood fibre insulation and biosourced algae-based paints complete the scheme.

Technical descriptive


50 flats for sale and shops




Competition 2018 – 2021


3550 m²

Environmental performance

Housing NF Habitat HQE excellent level / biosourced label level 2 / E3C1 -030% / BBC Effinergie 2017