LES JARDINS DU CANAL Sevran (France) - 2019

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

In the heterogeneous environment of the city limits, the identity of the project is noticed by the passing traffic. It contributes to the enhancement of a singular landscape “living on the banks of the canal” while respecting the scale of individual housing. It is also an opportunity to renew a dialogue with the banks of the canal.

Furthermore, raw earth, from the Cycle Terre factory in Sevran, is used in the project in several forms such as compressed earth bricks and decorative coatings, naturally coloured in the mass.

Technical descriptive


92 dwellings, 55 of which are intermediary and 37 are for sale to the general public, restoration on the base.




Competition 2019


5 500m²

Environmental performance

RT 2012-20%.
Optimised use of Sevran’s raw earth (from excavated soil from the Grand Paris area with a very interesting carbon footprint): partitioning, separating buildings and decorative coatings