MAILLE HORIZON NORD Noisy-le-Grand (France) - 2016

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Between city and park, from the most urban to the most landscaped, the project progressively deploys its horizontal lines along the alleys. Like contour lines, they underline the topography, the building templates and the linear garden in the heart of the block. “A benevolent and welcoming project, alive and to be shared.

In the age of sustainable development, the efficient and rational use of land is more than ever a burning obligation. But density is often perceived in a negative way because it is associated with the idea of urban concentration.
with the idea of urban concentration.
Density is a matter of balance and feeling: finely orchestrated, it shapes a tailor-made project, managing the right neighbourhood, between individuals and programmes, at the right scale.

The exceptional location of the site summons both the scale of the Grand paysage and that of the district: the slope of the Marne hillside generates a wealth of near and far perspectives, which shape the building templates. The three major view cones cut out the skyline of the project, framing the landscape of Greater Paris. The interplay between buildings reveals the interior of the block, and beyond that of the neighbouring lots. A large linear garden accompanies the architecture of the heart of the block, opening onto the Parc Antoine de Bougainville.

Technical descriptive


90 dwellings




Competition 2016


6 600m²

Environmental performance

RT 2012 -10%.
Strong focus on energy performance (ventilation and cooling)
Landscaped gardens