MANUFAKTURA Lodz (Poland) - 2021

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The 28 hectares of the industrial site of the Poznanski cotton factory, in the centre of Lodz, Poland’s second largest city with 900,000 inhabitants, have been the subject of a gigantic conversion operation.

Called Manufaktura because of the site’s industrial history, it is without doubt the largest industrial conversion project in Europe to date.

In addition to the reconstruction of a shopping centre with international brands, numerous socio-cultural facilities have been created.

The rehabilitation of the largest homogeneous industrial complex of the 19th century is coupled with a second economic adventure, as Manufaktura represents 200,000 m² of shops and facilities, for a catchment area estimated at one and a half million inhabitants, beyond the city’s direct area of influence.

Winner of the “Renovation and reorganisation of the Centre and Malls” competition

Technical descriptive


Creation of a multiplex centre in a classified industrial site (Poltex factories)




Completed in 2021


200 000 m²