OXANE Nantes (France) - 2020

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

This office building is part of the landscaped bank of the Nantes ring road. From a simple and effective play of volumes that are detached and offset, an “inhabited” fault is turned over in the façade in an emblematic golden metallic origami.

The upper volume slides towards the ring road to create an overhang, a strong signal to motorists, while conversely, its opposite withdrawal creates a softer transition with the suburban environment. The breakaway floor (the fault line) creates an atypical level, entirely glazed and bordered by terraces, offering a 360° panoramic view, and housing executive offices and meeting rooms.

The materiality of the façade, taking on the colours and reflections of the surrounding sky, changes its appearance according to the time of day. The “gold pleat” follows the sun from East to West, offers protected balconies and gives a strong identity to the building.


Technical descriptive


New tertiary programme : 7200 m² divisible offices, inter-company catering, concierge service, declared ERP, semi-buried and outdoor car park, exceptional level in R+4 with shared terrace.




Completed in 2020


7 200 m²


7,5 M€ before Tax

Environmental performance

NF HQE Very Good