General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The Nancy Hospital Centre, a multi-site establishment, has drawn up a master plan to group together all its activities at Brabois on a single site by 2032 and to renovate it. It is in this context that the Nancy Hospital Centre launched a consultation with a conditional tranche, consisting of the creation and operation of 1,500 parking spaces on the Brabois site.

From the outset of the consultation, we thought of “decarbonated” car storage… The idea of using the language of wood to oppose this type of “technical” structure, for the storage of cars, seemed to us an interesting challenge. As the Nancy Hospital Centre is currently considering the development of the Brabois site, it seemed essential to us to make this structure an example to follow in order to support the process.

The choice of a wooden structure for the primary structure of the building is a choice that stems from a mainly environmental motivation with a low-carbon batch, but also from an architectural desire to highlight the wood in the perception of the building. This choice, which is both pilot and innovative in relation to traditional models, is the result of a strong conviction in terms of sustainable design, but also in terms of structural and economic rationality.

Our reflections led us to propose a four-level car park, divided into two sub-units separated by a generous patio, a real green lung of almost 1200m² in order to limit the urban heat island phenomenon and therefore to limit the increase in temperature linked to the densification of the site. This approach is reinforced by the greening of the main facades, while the fifth facade receives a large photovoltaic power plant (530 kWC).

Thus, by the nature of its structure and the treatment of its facades, the building is a neat object that tends to disappear into its environment.

Technical descriptive


Silo car park 1500 spaces for staff (upgradable to public)




Competition 2021


37 000 m²


15,7 M€ before Tax

Environmental performance

Wooden structure construction + off-site prefabrication
Reversibility of the construction into a technical or tertiary platform
Photovoltaic plant 530 kWp
Green roof and facades
Recovery of roof water for watering and maintenance
Management of run-off water + infiltration basin
“Low nuisance” charter for the building site