LA DEFENSE CAR PARK Courbevoie (France) - 2014

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The programme to modernise the La Défense business district, with the regeneration of obsolete towers and the creation of ambitious and innovative new buildings, involves improving car access via the Corolles, Reflets and Nuages car parks. The necessary upgrading calls for a regeneration of the car and pedestrian experience. The multiplication of traffic flows, the creation of new accesses and exits on the surface, require us to overcome complexity.
Visibility and identity are the keys to this architectural challenge.

The comfort of pedestrians depends on the continuity of the experience and its sequences: in addition to the enhancement of the entry/exit points, a legible thread leads car users and pedestrians in the vertical circulations to the underground parking levels.
It is a continuous coloured ribbon, relayed by signposting and lighting of landmarks, which leads the user – in complete legibility and safety – through the succession of spaces in the project.
The fluidity of a limited number of intuitively identifiable shapes, materials and colours leads motorists and pedestrians into the underground urban space.

Technical descriptive


Redevelopment of car parks in the La Défense district




Completed in 2014


70 000 m²


25 M€ before Tax