STEEL CAR PARK Saint-Etienne (France) - 2020

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The Silo car park is a mixed structure consisting of three levels of car parks.
Located to the north of the design axis, it is widely ventilated on its two visible east-west facades, clad with vertically positioned anodised aluminium Z-brackets. Its structure is hybrid, the galvanised metal framework posts are filled with concrete to guarantee the fire stability of the structure, validated by thermomechanical calculation of the heating of the structures.
With a total capacity of 240 spaces, it also has 47 surface parking spaces on level N+3. This strategic location at the crossroads of visitor flows is a so-called premium offer, as close as possible to the shopping mall. The vertical walkways and lift landings are clad in high-quality materials: very large porcelain stoneware tiles on the floor and walls.

Technical descriptive


1600 spaces divided into 8 zones and 2 silo car parks




Completed in 2020


1600 spaces divided into 8 zones and 2 silo car parks

Environmental performance

BREEAM VERY GOOD, Biodiversity Label (ABCB)
Bbio < 20% of the Bbio max of the RT 2012
Studies on the use of heat contained in mining water, feasibility of mining geothermal resources.
Emblematic 31,000 m² aluminium grid
100% recyclable.


SUD Architectes (Mandataire)
Atelier Rivat (Associate architect)
Landscaping : Base
Design : Joran Briand
Lighting concept : Les Éclaireurs
Sustainable development : Elan