TERMINAL 1 CAR PARK Roissy Charles de Gaulle (France) - 2019

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The new airport car park will be the receptacle for airport users leaving or coming from distant horizons. The car park is a “public reception area” whose vocation, atmosphere and quality of treatment must reflect this immersion in the world of travel and sublimate it. In appropriating and travelling through this “public space”, the motorist or pedestrian user will become immersed in the sensitive atmosphere of the territory within the airport’s boundaries.

The analysis of the existing built masses on the periphery of the site reveals the cohabitation of a set of often simple forms which make the success of their distant perception and reflect their singular characters.

We claim an intervention in continuity with the noble installations established on site because the near and far readings will be determining in the appreciation of the future image of the site with the will to respect the framing of the view towards the terminal 1.

Technical descriptive


Construction of a superstructure car park R+8 + one basement level




Competition 2019


1 600 000 m²


93 M€ before Tax

Environmental performance

Green building site, Off-site prefabrication including the floors of the structure, Densification of the land, energy savings in lighting, Photovoltaic plant