BALNEO-SPORTS POOL Laruns (France) - 2026

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Broadly open to the wider landscape, the project blends harmoniously into a heterogeneous urban fabric by reinterpreting vernacular codes and choosing simple, functional, scalable geometries to meet the programme’s energy and environmental ambitions.

The sports and leisure pools are housed in a large hall that naturally follows the curves of the Gave d’Ossau.

The wellness and balneotherapy area offers a wide range of uses and uses on different paths with a privileged panoramic view of the Pic de Ger and the Ossau and Valentin valleys.

Technical descriptive


25 m 4-lane pool – 130 m² training pool – 200 m² outdoor Nordic-style balneotherapy pool.
A 125 m² wellness area with sauna, steam room, cryotherapy pool, sensory showers, salt grotto, massage cubicle, etc.
Outdoor planted beaches.




Competition winner 2023. Studies in progress. Completion due 2026


1,800 m² floor area + 1,700 m² outdoor area


7,1 M€ HT before Tax

Environmental performance

HQE approach without certification
Reduction of energy requirements through good thermal performance and an optimised energy balance
Use of renewable energies (photovoltaic panels – connection to wood-fired heating system)
Water and energy recovery
Reduced water consumption
Phytoremediation basin
Wooden structure for the hall and materials from local sources


Commissioned : SUD architectes
AGS architecture : associate architect