PISCINE DU LAC Savenay (France) - 2011

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The pedestrian path along the lake continues to form a pedestrian loop around the complex, linking the various activities on the site.

The perspective from the roadway highlights the integration of this architecture with green and black undulations in the manner of marine sail designs that blend into the landscape.

Once the technical premises and the changing rooms of the open-air pools have been deconstructed, the steep slope of 3.50 m between the access area and the beach level
is significant. We propose to use it to integrate the important mass of the changing rooms and technical rooms of the new equipment, which allows to reduce the visible construction which is reduced to a large wing resting on glass which shelters the reception located in high part and the basins located below. This arrangement allows views from the forecourt towards the lake, the open pools and the surrounding foliage. The location of the project in the southern part avoids the creation of masks that would cast shadows on the open-air pools.

The sail, which protrudes widely, protects the glass façades on which it rests from direct radiation that would cause glare on the beaches, while preserving a significant amount of natural lighting.

Photographs Amélie Viale

Technical descriptive


Indoor swimming pool, large pool, training pool, paddling pool, sauna, changing rooms, solarium




Completed in 2011


2 090 m²


5,90 M€ before Tax