SPORT & LEISURE SWIMMING POOL Les Herbiers (France) - 2015

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Located on the outskirts of the town, in a future park, the sports and leisure pool is the first built element of the site.
Set against the newly planted mall, the swimming pool develops on the east-south and west orientations of the site, following a semi-circular plan.

A large, light zinc roof covers the pool like a sail. The silhouette of the centre and its slide, in the axis of the entrance, appears as the signal of the large park.

From the hall, access to the changing rooms and administration is immediate. The leisure pool, close to the circular facades, benefits from the sunny orientations.
The competition pool, close to the rectilinear north façade, which emphasises the pool’s layout, allows for training, due to the lack of sunlight in this orientation.

The paddling pool is close to the hall and the cafeteria, to facilitate the supervision of bathing and non-bathing companions.
The changing rooms are accessed via a peripheral corridor. These, oriented towards the centre of the complex, allow quick access to the pools.

The location of the reception area gives the visitor a view of the entire pool hall: the softly shaped pools in the foreground, the indoor garden, close to the paddling pool, and the soft yellow tube of the slide.

Photography : Amélie Viale

Technical descriptive


Competition pool, leisure pool, outdoor pool, paddling pool, changing rooms, slide, sauna




Completed in 2015


2 716 m²


6,25 M€