ECOQUARTIER PRÉ-BILLY Pringy (France) - 2026

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The Pré Billy development zone in Pringy is located in the heart of a natural setting that was planned as an Olympic Village during Annecy’s bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Close to the region’s major transport routes, Pré Billy asserts its ambitions as an exemplary district by combining the two Ecoquartier and Biodivercity labels with a landscaping project that enhances the existing natural heritage. In the centre, block B ensures the transition between the urban and the natural environment. Three major pedestrian axes direct users towards the park and irrigate housing and shops. The automobile flows are on the periphery of the block.

The nine collective buildings assert their horizontality through layers specific to the theme of “Living on the Plain”: a commercial base, a hollow joint on the first floor and a volume with loggias on the current floors. Conversely, the street facades [more urban] are protected from nuisance by generous loggias and the heart of the blocks have deep, long balconies. The dynamic base is adorned with undulations made of a cameo of brown-green bricks, recalling the colours and reflections of the water and the local vegetation.

Echoing the vernacular barns, the wood marks the hollows and dialogues with the warm colours of the plasterwork and ironwork like a thread running through time and space.
The 6 wooden villas are organised around a patio, a real living space that guarantees the privacy of the inhabitants.

Technical descriptive


155 multi-family dwellings, 6 single-family houses, commercial base




Consultation 2018 – Delivery in 2 phases 2024-2026


12 000m²

Environmental performance

Ecoquartier label – Biodivercity Ready label
– Water recovery, use of a heating network, SMART GRID, use of bio-sourced materials (wood cladding and wood joinery)
– Open heart of the block with 38% of landscaped areas in the open ground, strong colour identity to interpret nature echoing the surrounding meadow and water