MARNE RESIDENCE / EHPAD Yssingeaux (France) - 2012

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The high walls of the old hospice were demolished to allow the creation of two extensions and restructuring of the EHPAD sector of the current Yssingeaux Local Hospital. The aim of these new facilities is to recreate a real urban dynamic and to open the establishment to the town. The urban bias is to give a view both from the public space and from the common spaces of the EHPAD.

The first section of the project is developed along the Avenue de la Marne, creating a duality of architectural languages that gives rhythm to the pedestrian’s path. A second section at the rear closes the site on Rue Saint-Roch and is in line with the existing building in the interests of continuity and simplicity of reading.
A strong materiality is identified thanks to a base in local stone echoing the existing heritage and the floors treated in white mineral facing, screened to integrate the grey-green aluminium joinery. Glass gaps clad in wooden cladding separate the volume on the street, while the wooden underside of the overhanging upper floors accompanies the pedestrian to the entrance of the EHPAD.

The former service courtyard is treated as a landscaped counter-aisle to the Avenue de la Marne, which is called the “Apothecary’s Garden” and gives access to the various entrances to the establishment and leads to the Place de l’Hôpital, which is open to the city.

Technical descriptive


Extension and rehabilitation of 111 beds
4 units including 2 classic (50 beds) and 2 UPPD (61 beds)
Day care, PASA
Care centre: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic workshop, consultations, infirmary
Well-being centre: hairdressing salon, communal areas, dining room, lounges, activity rooms




Completed in 2012


5 469 m²