RÛ DE GIRONDE Valenton (France) - 2018

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The project is presented as two “twin” volumes between which one enters on the same level.

At first glance, the two buildings are similar, but in the end, they present subtle variations in the colours of the window frames, the balconies and the loggias, depending on the situation.

To guarantee its controlled ageing, its economy of management, the project is simple, rational, focused on the notion of use.

On the north side, beautiful windows surrounded by a coloured lacquered metal pre-frame form a large secure shelf for potted plants.

On the south side, deep loggias allow one to enjoy the outside, protected from the sun and from the neighbours by existing trees.

On the west side, external cellars are enclosed by coloured metal slats.

Technical descriptive


Compact new programme with a very low cost objective: 48 bi-oriented dwellings in two blocks




Completed in 2018


2 854 m²

Environmental performance

RT 2012 -10%.
Bi-oriented dwellings, optimisation of living spaces by means of cellars on balconies, window frames with the possibility of welcoming plants through private planters