SADENA Villeurbanne (France) - 2017

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

The land was a brownfield site, a former ore and metal mine, served by a railway line. Today, the re-cut land and the train, which has become a tramway, create favourable conditions for the installation of an office building.
The template is composed of 3 volumes, installed perpendicularly to the urban park, which punctuate the southern linear. They are connected by a linear building on the street side. This “comb” organisation creates two gardens, crossed to access the two crossing halls, in triple height.

The three prows “slide” over each other. These offsets on two levels, in both directions, create cantilevered volumes and materiality games. The overhangs or recesses are emphasised by a double skin made of a micro-perforated metal mesh, applied in front of the technical gangways. This semi-transparent metal mesh gives a glimpse of the activity of the offices, changing according to the time of day.

Photographs : Erick Saillet

Technical descriptive


Office building




Completed in 2017


12 800 m²


19,1 M€ before Tax

Environmental performance

HQE LABEL & BREEAM very good