NOTRE-DAME DE FOURVIERE Lyon (France) - 2023

General presentation

Contexte & enjeux

Visited by several million people each year, the Fourvière site has become under-equipped in view of the number of visitors and, since 2014, has been the subject of a major renovation project which aims to consolidate its vocation as a visitor centre by taking into account the cultural, tourist, heritage and spiritual dimensions.

Firstly, the esplanade-belvedere is being cleared of car parking. Several buildings listed as historical monuments require exemplary restoration.
The programme covers 6,000 m² of buildings surrounding the basilica and includes: a reception pavilion for the public, a place of hospitality for pilgrims, the enlarged and completely renovated Fourvière Museum, an exhibition space, a seminar and meeting centre, new offices for the Foundation, accommodation for priests, accommodation for young people, a shop and three restaurants.

Over a period of two years, a complete heritage diagnosis, the elaboration of a master plan for seven buildings (historic monuments or new), an archaeological excavation campaign and numerous exchanges within a steering committee were carried out.

In partnership with RL&A, SUD took charge of the transformation of the Maison des Chapelains into a youth hostel and a restaurant-school. Then the Maison Carrée – whose inner courtyard has been transformed into a meeting space covered by a luminous glass roof – now houses the new Fourvière Museum, the seminar centre, accommodation for priests and a large bistronomic restaurant offering an exceptional view of Lyon’s rooftops.

Technical descriptive


Development of the Notre Dame de Fourvière site.
Conversion of existing buildings classified as historical monuments and creation of a seminar centre, museum, offices, accommodation, restaurants




Competition winner 2014
Maison des Chapelains completed in 2017.
Abri du pèlerin completed in 2019
Maison Carrée, restaurant, seminars and dwellings completed in 2022
Museum under construction. Completion due 2023


6 200 m²


SUD architects : Master plan, design architects and renovation of existing buildings
Agence Duthilleul : Architect of new buildings
RL&A (Didier Repelin) : Architect of Historic Monuments
Doodeka : Glass roof, project management, restaurant interior